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February 2015

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The past few weeks I have been drooling over some AMAZE-BALLS (yep, pun totally intended) protein balls I have been picking up from my local Nutrition Station. But I made a rookie mistake – I’ve been telling everyone who would listen just how good they are and now they never seem to be in stock! :-/ While the lovely staff have assured me they will be ordering a larger quantity from now on, I was far too impatient to wait for them to come in so set about recreating them myself. A  ...

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I’m sure many of you are reading this and thinking “who doesn’t know this trick?”, but up until recently I had no clue! I’m not even sure how I missed the memo about this but I had just been using my foundation brushes until I couldn’t clean them anymore with regular brush cleansers and then tossing them away – I cringe at the thought! I stumbled across this tip very randomly on YouTube and it has been such a lifesaver I thought it was worth  ...

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Playing around at Chemist Warehouse yesterday (it’s a little dangerous having one so close on lunch breaks!) I came across this cute gift with purchases from Sally Hansen for spending over $20. After giving my nails a much deserved rest from Shellac lately I have been on the look out for a polish that comes at least close in terms of lasting power and shine so these Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polishes (at $14.39 each) seemed promising (stay tuned for a blog review coming soon)! Included  ...

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Last Thursday Priceline started their annual hair care gift bag with purchases of selected brands in store and online. In the past I haven’t been very keen on these as they seemed to contain quite a number of products that weren’t suitable for my hair colour/type – what a waste! However, since I was desperately in need of more Bastiste Dry Shampoo anyway I decided it was worth stocking up. Most of the brands included were on sale too so it worked out to be even better  ...

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In honour of Valentines Day today and all things LOVE I thought it was about time I shared some of the things I have been madly in love with lately! Here we go: Shanghai Suzy Lipstick in Miss Courtney Electric Flamingo It took me a few months of having this in my collection before I really began to use it often. A friend had a stunning pink on her lips one night at dinner and what do you know – it was this baby! I whipped it out of my lippie collection quick smart and have been hooked  ...

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My Goodness Me Box has arrived! I seriously wish it could be delivered fortnightly I am that excited to see all the delicious new things. Unfortunately for me (but possibly fortunately for my wallet!) it’s a monthly occurrence and just like the last few months, the Feb box was jam packed! It takes all my powers of resistance not to rip into everything and try it all on the first day, but I have been really loving the great variety of foods and drinks mixed in with a few other wellbeing  ...

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What’s that I hear? The sound of another Clinique gift with purchase – well obviously I’m in! If you’ve followed GPG for a while you know I tend to go a little crazy for Clinique Gift Time. Since I use Clinique products anyway on a regular basis (their Clarifying Lotion is a total skin saver for my oily self), I figure I may as well stock up and score some freebies at the same time – win! I love using the little trial sizes for my gym bag and I couldn’t resist the adorbs  ...

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