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I’m Sarah, a beauty and lifestyle blogger living in Melbourne, Australia. By day I work as a graphic designer and by night I’m crazy busy trying to fit in all the other things I want to pack into life!

For as long as I can remember I have been a total beauty addict. No really, it’s actually a little bit crazy… lotions, potions, cosmetics, skin care and everything in between – I am completely obsessed! A hub to discuss and dissect all things fun and girly, GPG is my safe place where I can come and share my habit (along with all the other ways I love to spend my time) with all of you.

I hope you can find the perfect products, tips and tricks to help you feel a little more beautiful (both inside and out) every day!

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Scented candles, sunrises, summer fruit, good books, morning workouts, Milo (both the drink and my cat Milo), bright colours, blogging, beaches, travel adventures, sweet wine, fairy floss


Pumpkin, selfish people, cattiness, cold weather, whipped cream (eww), housework, blue pens, the word “moist” (shudder), turbulence, taxes, beer, sick days



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