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The past few weeks I have been drooling over some AMAZE-BALLS (yep, pun totally intended) protein balls I have been picking up from my local Nutrition Station. But I made a rookie mistake – I’ve been telling everyone who would listen just how good they are and now they never seem to be in stock! :-/ While the lovely staff have assured me they will be ordering a larger quantity from now on, I was far too impatient to wait for them to come in so set about recreating them myself. A  ...

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I’m back!

Hello lovely readers, I’m here to apologise for being absent of late – I have had an extremely busy few months with lots of exciting things happening and sadly it has meant all my good intentions to blog regularly have just fallen apart! One of my very best friends got married interstate last weekend and it has been the last in a large run of weddings almost every weekend for a while there (as well as being a bridesmaid twice this year already – whew)! It’s been so much fun  ...

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Getting organised for the new year!

Happy 2013 to all my beautiful followers, I am so excited for the new year and all it will bring! There’s something about starting a new year than makes me giddy with excitement. It’s nice to have a clean slate and a whole 365 days laid out in front of me. I do know this is more of a mental thing than anything but I love sitting down and planning for the year ahead, as well as making a list of all my goals and the things I want to achieve in the upcoming year. Does anyone else  ...

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Tone It Up Prize Pack – Beauty Items

Most of you may not be aware, but back at the start of July I was honoured to be awarded a prize in the Tone It Up Bikini Challenge. If you haven’t heard of these Karena and Katrina yet, you can check out their site but they are amazing and have totally motivated me over the last few years to eat better and exercise more! Each year, they run a bikini challenge with daily motivational emails, free workout videos and tips along the way, as well as a huge online community for support and  ...

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